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Leonardo Pigñer

ekoparty organizer founder. Base4 Security Owner.

"Las charlas que más me gustan son las que cuentan una historia."

Federico Kirschbaum

ekoparty organizer founder. Infobyte owner.

"Quiero ver mas root y menos cyber"

Nico Waisman

Nicolas Waisman has experience in all areas of offensive-related software security, from vulnerability analysis to exploit and trojan development. Nico is an internationally recognized heap expert and has taught governments and commercial sector students from all over the world in both private and public classroom settings, presenting some of his research at conferences such as Black Hat, Pacsec, Syscan, Ekoparty and many others. Nico is currently a Security Researcher at Github.

"Lo que más me gusta ver es Exploit Development, Reverse Engineering y gente que piensa formas de romper internet."

Hernan Ochoa

Fundador de Amplia Security.

Cesar Cerrudo

Profesional hacker, CTO IOActive Labs.

"Me gusta lo original y creativo. Explotación en Windows y técnicas de explotación en general. Vulnerabilidades en tecnologías de alto impacto."

Juliano Rizzo

CRIME | BEAST. Coinspect security consultant.

Verónica Valeros

Researcher studying botnets, malicious network traffic, and remote access trojans. Founder of MatesLab HackerSpace and Women in Tech Fund.

"I like to see reproducible research and work that helps to move our field forward. How do you break it? How do you fix it?"