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Federico Muttis
Cubica Labs
Anibal Sacco
Cubica Labs

IDA Synergy - Collaborative Reverse Engineering

A well-known problem in everyday's reverse engineering team's life is to consolidate their results. Although there were some public approaches to solve this problem, none of them covered our needs, futhermore none of them are actively supported nor maintained. Our approach to tackle this problem is IDASynergy, a combination of an IDAPython Plugin and a control version system that result in a new reverse engineering collaborative addon for IDA Pro.

Sobre Federico Muttis

Federico Muttis currently works at Cubica Labs as a security researcher. He previously worked at Core, developing exploits for a wide variety of platforms, ranging from typical binary software exploitation for Windows, Linux and others, to web applications and even on more obscure devices such as mobile and network devices. Muttis has published several security advisories, and has been a speaker in conferences such as EuSecWest, ECI and RSA Conference.

Sobre Anibal Sacco

Anibal Sacco is an information security professional specialized in reverse engineering. He is a Co-Founder and Researcher at Cubica Labs, a security research and consulting startup. Formerly Senior Exploit Writer and Security Researcher at CORE Security Technologies, he has been researching embedded devices and developing exploits for Windows, OS X, and Linux since 2006. As a researcher, he has published several papers and presented at some of the most important security conferences like Black Hat, CanSecWest, SyScan, Ekoparty, and EUSecWest.