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(In)security of e-voting in Brazil
The Bicho: An Advanced Car Backdoor Maker
Get to the Money: Hacking POS and POP Systems
Abusing GDI for ring0 exploit primitives: Evolution
Inseguridad en alarmas para vehiculos
Pwned in Translation - from Subtitles to RCE
The "Bird" That Killed Arbitrary Code Guard
Unbox Your Phone - Exploring and Breaking Samsung's TrustZone Sandboxes
Industroyer: biggest threat to industrial control systems since Stuxnet
Automatic bugfinding for the blockchain
Inside Android’s SafetyNet Attestation: Attack and Defense
How to cook Cisco: Exploit Development for Cisco IOS.
Turning hard disk drives into accidental microphones
The Java soothsayer: A practical application for insecure randomness vulnerabilities.
FIESTA: an HTTPS side-channel party
The Apple of your EFI: An analysis of the state of Apple’s EFI Security Support


Encryption out of LINE: Reverse engineering end-to-end encrypted messaging
Exploiting A/B Testing for Fun and Profit
#KillTheHashes - El Gran Libro para Colorear Malware
Multiple Vulnerabilities in Schneider-Electric PLC
Let Me GitHub That For You (2016 Argentinian Edition)
Juegos Online, Sociedad y Privacidad: un recorrido socio-histórico
Backdooring CAN Bus for Remote Car Hacking
SAP HANA under the hood: Attacks and countermeasures
I Know Where Your Page Lives: De-randomizing the Windows 10 Kernel
Stratosphere IPS. The free machine learning malware detection for the community
Strolling into Ring-0 via I/O Kit Drivers
Abusing GDI for ring0 exploit primitives: Reloaded
Do-it-Yourself Spy Program: Abusing Apple's Call Relay Protocol
Don't Be a Dummy: A Crash Course in Automotive Security
Genetic Malware: Designing Payloads for Specific Targets
Strolling into Ring-0 via I/O Kit Drivers
Synesthesia: Automated Generation of Encoding-Restricted Machine Code Programs via Bernays-Schönfinkel TQBF
Lost your "secure" HDD PIN? We can help!
Samsung Pay: Numeros Tokenizados y sus Fallas
Look Mom, I don't use Shellcode: Browser Exploitation for Internet Explorer 11


New Age Phreaking: Tácticas y trucos para fraudes en Wholesale
ssl certificate massive analysis..and medical applications fingerprinting
Recovering SAP RFC Credentials from Network Traffic
IR transformation synthesis for assembly instructions
Warranty Void If Label Removed - Attacking MPLS Networks
Abusing GDI for ring0 exploit primitives
Secure DevOps is possible: How osquery is built
Learn about the enemy
Hackeando Carros en Latinoamerica
Crozono: cracking the security perimeter with drones
Faux Disk Encryption: Realities of Secure Storage on Mobile Devices
Satellite TV Receivers: from remote control to root shell
System updates, Attack and Defense
Direct X – direct way to Microsoft Windows kernel
Fuzzing browsers for finding exploitable bugs
Stick That In Your (root)Pipe & Smoke It


Droid Rage: Android exploitation on steroids
Modification to the Android operating system´s resource control
Compromising industrial facilities from 40 miles away
Atacando IPv6 con Evil FOCA
String allocations in Internet Explorer
Defeating Signed BIOS Enforcement
ERP Security: how hackers can open the box and take the jewels
A symbolic execution engine for amd64 binaries
Ahí va el capitán Beto por el espacio
Sandboxing Linux code to mitigate exploiattion
Debbugers are really powerful - Pwning all of the Android things
Wighing in on issues with "Cloud Scale": Hacking the Withings WS-30
Uncovering your trails. Privacy issues of Bluetooth devices
A mystery trip to the origin of Bitcoin


Inception of the SAP Platform's Brain: Attacks to SAP Solution Manager
HTExploit - Bypaseando tu htaccess y más!
Literacy for Integrated Circuit Reverse Engineering.
Bitcoin, MavePay and the future of cryptocurrencies
Cryptographic flaws in Oracle Database authentication protocol
Satellite baseband mods: Taking control of the InmarSat GMR-2 phone terminal
OPSEC: Because Jail is for wuftpd
Welcome to your secure /home, $user
SinFP3: More Than A Complete Framework for Operating System Fingerprinting
Cyberwar para todos
4140 ways your alarm system can fail
Pánico y locura en Java


Bosses love Excel, Hackers too.
Reversing the State:
Exprimiendo la web: obteniendo datos de a gotas para ownear a cualquier argentino
BEAST: Surprising crypto attack against HTTPS
Setting The Evil Bit: Malicious Traffic Hiding In Plain Sight
Leveraging MSR's for Fun and for Profit
The Baseband Playground
Virtualised USB Fuzzing using QEMU and Scapy
Your crown jewels online: Attacks to SAP Web Applications
Experiments using IDA Pro as a data store
iOS Code Injection and Function Hooking
Análisis Forense en dispositivos iOS
Cloud and Control: Factoring and Cracking
Virtual Cash, Show Me The Money
Snakes on a Payload: Bundling Python with your shellcode
SCADA Trojans: Attacking the grid
Open Source Satellite Initiative


Token Kidnapping's Revenge
Pentesting Driven by FOCA es una herramienta gratuita que permite realizar tareas de fingerprinting utilizando
Understanding the Low Fragmentation Heap: From Allocation to Exploitation
Virtually Pwned: Pentesting VMware
Distinguishing Lockpicks: Raking vs Lifting vs Jiggling and More
iPhone Rootkit? There's an App for That!
Atacando VoIP....un paraiso
Understanding the Windows SMB NTLM Weak Nonce Vulnerability
SAP Backdoors: A ghost at the heart of your business
Sandboxing based on SECCOMP for Linux kernel
2x1 Microsoft Bugs: 'Virtual PC hyper-hole-visor' + 'Windows Creation Vulnerability (MS10-048)'
Your life online: No more secrets Marty
Padding Oracles Everywhere


Diez cosas que todos deberían saber son lockpicking y seguridad física
Heurísticas aplicadas a la comparación ( diffeo ) de binarios -
Playing in a Satellite Environment 1.2
Opening Intranets to Attacks by Using Internet Explorer
SCCP hacking, attacking the SS7 & SIGTRAN applications one step further and mapping the phone system
iPhone Hacking: Fuzzing and Payloads
More Tricks For Defeating SSL in Practice


Economies of Scale in Hacking
SAP Penetration Testing & Defense In-Depth
Blackbox Reversing of XSS Filters
Exploring Novelty Ways in Building Botnets
New Tool for Monitoring WiFi: Beholder
(light talk) TCP/IP Protocols security results analisys
A domain specific language for static binary analysis
Unleashing Adobe javascript
In-Depth Anti-Forensics - Challeges of Steganography on Discovery Hidden Data
Tell how you attack and I will tell you who you are
Attacking RSA using a new method of Integer Factorization
Predictive pseudo-random numbers generator in Debian
Code Injection On Virtual Machines


The wayback machine:Old school hacking
NG Debuggers For Reverse Engineering
Attacking the Giants: Explotiting SAP Internals
Evilgrade, "you have pending upgrades..."
KIDS - Kernek Intrusion Detection System
VulnDev as Intelligent debugging
w3af a framwork to own the Web
The Computer Forensics Challenge and Anti-Forensics Techniques