GitOps: Building the next generation infrastructure

Descripción general

Cloud computing and security merged together in order to create a new paradigma in environments orchestration. It's not only about the code, it's mainly about methodologies to lean any organization to embrace good practices and deploy environments in a resilient way. How security can be enforced across all organization? What's the DevSecOps role in any modern organization?.  How observability and traceability can help to reduce the impact? 

¿A quién está dirigido?

DevSecOps, Site Reliability Engineers, DevOps and Software Developers.

¿Qué van a aprender los estudiantes?

Cloud Orchestration, GitOps paradigma, Resilient infrastructure, Traceability, Cloud Computing good practices and agile deployments.

Conocimientos previos requeridos

Git, Amazon Web Service or any Cloud Computing Environment, Linux, Scripting.

Requerimientos técnicos

AWS Account.


3 días




USD 1500


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Facundo de la Cruz

I'm a Site Reliability Engineer with more than 10 years of experience in Linux and Unix environments. TCP/IP networking and kernel hacking. Actually working in Cloud Computing Environments and Kubernetes.