Integrating FLOSS plugins to Ghidra

Lautaro Lombardi

Abstract :

"There are great extensions out there in the FOSS-wild and writing Ghidra extensions is a rather advanced user feature…as any software extension, you should know Ghidra’s internals to make use of event management, GUIs, and so on. What if you could combine the simplicity of scripting with the robustness of plugin functionality? That is one of the goals of GCL: the Ghidra Compatibility Layer.

In this talk I will open source GCL, which allows you to run FOSS plugins from other reverse engineering tools. This means having the same functionality that the plugin provides without the need to rewrite it. GCL is written in Python, and aims to be a framework that allows to run extensions from other software in Ghidra with minimal user intervention. Just take the plugin, combine it with GCL and presto! If this sounds awesome, feel free to help me extend it!"

Speaker: Lautaro Lombardi 

"I’m a Computer Scientist. I like to communicate everything I learn, and resources for people to learn too! I am so grateful of public domain knowledge that I dream of becoming an strong communicator in my field. Hobbies: music (Jorge Drexler, Gustavo Cerati and Zoe Gotusso are some of my favorite local artists), sports… BIG Lio Messi Fan. "