Playing with qubits III - Quantum Cybersecurity

Carlos Benitez

Abstract :

Although the physical principles are quite old, some quantum technologies have jumped out of the laboratories only a few years ago. Quantum technologies can and could be used in a wide variety of applications. Among them, there are some cybersecurity applications that could either help us in our daily work or become a nightmare for all of us cybersecurity professionals.

In our first two episodes in which we talked about this cutting-edge technology, we featured quantum computers and some algorithms that run on them. In this third episode, we will introduce the audience to other quantum technologies strongly related to cybersecurity.

Some of them are: quantum communications (including quantum key distribution), post-quantum cryptography, quantum simulation, quantum sensors, quantum memory… all of them at different stages of maturity, evolution, deployment and availability. All of them with their own strengths, but also with their own vulnerabilities. We will talk about them.

Finally, we will show some applications of quantum computing, beyond Shor’s algorithm, that can be used in our field of cybersecurity.

Speaker:  Carlos Benitez  

Ing. y Mg. de la UTN FRBA Ministerio de Defensa: Investigador en procesamiento de señales acústicas submarinas. Primer Lab en Seguridad Informática (Si6). Diseño e implementación del primer SOC. Asesor técnico de la Subsecretaría de Ciberdefensa Privado: Docente de posgrado en Argentina y Brasil.
Es Consultor en ciberseguridad en Cybsec e independiente. Co-fundador de Platinumciber. Formación y mentoring de equipos. SOC, Ethical Hacking y Análisis y Gestión de Riesgos. Patente por dispositivo de ciberprotección. Quantum Computing enthusiast.