The game (life) and how hack it

Josué Rojas

Abstract :

"Everybody has a beginning, a trigger, and mine is gamehacking.

My story begins without having a personal computer, without knowing any computer language, even without knowing what reversing was, but thanks to a cybercafe, a thumbdrive that someone forgot, reading a lot of x86 books, a big effort and spent all my savings, I could develop my first cheat and start my first steps in reverse engineering. After fifteen years I’ve come to Ekoparty to tell you my story.

This techical-historical talk, will focus on how the reverse engineering can be learned by anyone and in Rakion, an MMORPG game. Furthermore, how I developed cheats reconstructing C/C++ code like object initialization, instantiate objects, classes, etc, purely in ASM. Almost, I’ll show the Rakion internals to makes iconic cheats such as GodMode, Teleport, Fly, ArmorStatHack, StatHack, Unlimited Npc Generation, etc."

Speaker:  Josué Rojas

Josué Rojas aka Nox, has been a reverse engineer for 15 years. He does reverse engineering in some areas like gamehacking, malware analysis, vulnerability research, and exploit development. Furthermore, he has been a speaker at LimaHack, OWASP, DragonJar, and Ekoparty.

Nox previously worked at Core Security and Immunity Inc. developing exploits user and kernel of OS, hypervisor, sidechannel, and firmware.

He is co-trainer of "Introduction to Windows Kernel Exploitation" and "Introduction to software vulnerabilities" for Ekoparty 2022. Nox is a four-time champion (2021, 2020, 2017, 2016) and two-time runner-up (2019, 2018) in the main Ekoparty CTF.

Currently, he is a Security Independent Researcher.