A message from Ekoparty in times of pandemic

A letter from our CEO, Leo Pigñer, amidst covid-19 and our plans for this year.

For 15 years, thanks to the incredible talent of our community, we have made Ekoparty a benchmark for infosec talent and innovation in Latin America and the world.

Today, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our entire society faces an unprecedented challenge that forces us to rethink our plans for this year.

No one can know how the situation will evolve in the coming weeks or what may happen at the end of the year. But in the midst of this uncertainty, we are certain that our priority is to take care of the health of our community, our friends.

After evaluating all the alternatives, we made the following decisions:

- Ekoparty Federal: The conference planned for June 11 in Cordoba will be rescheduled for next year.

- Ekoparty Buenos Aires: Our main event will be held online. It will consist of 3 days of high-level talks, workshops, hacktivities and more, and will take place from September 24 to 26. We hope by that time small gatherings are allowed, and we can make a hybrid conference between online and physical.

We know that this change may come as a surprise to many, but we understand that it is the most responsible path to follow. At the same time, we assume our role as generators of dialogue and opportunities, so we will continue to be present throughout the year, generating new meeting spaces.

Only three weeks ago, we all gathered for ekoMaraton, where during 24 hours, we shared live content and raised funds for the Red Cross. And most importantly, we reunited during the quarantine, and were able to breathe the spirit of Ekoparty again.

We believe this situation is showing us that we can connect and help each other beyond the conference days. That is why in the coming weeks we will present new online proposals, such as ekoDating, to connect those who are looking for a job with the companies that are hiring, or Ekoparty University Talks, to connect students and future professionals with the infosec world.

We want to thank our Sponsors for continuing to accompany us and adapting to the new dynamics that we propose. And of course, to you, for the affection and unconditional support.

Thinking outside the box is part of who we are as a community, so have no doubt that the 16th edition of Ekoparty, this year in virtual format, will be a unique and unrepeatable experience... And that we're gonna hack it! ;-)

Leo Pigñer
CEO, Ekoparty