Ekoparty's Social Engineering CTF is back!

Be a part of the only SE CTF held in Latin America.

We've opened registration for the second edition of our Social Engineering CTF, the only one in Latin America!

After the success of the last edition, this year the competition will be held by teams of up to 3 (three) people. The goal is to demonstrate the significant risk that social engineering threats pose to companies and raise awareness among security professionals about these attack vectors.
Important detail: The prize is $50.000 Argentine pesos for the winner team, courtesy of  Base4 Security 🔥

How does the competition work?

In the weeks leading up to Ekoparty 2020, there will be an elimination process so only the best teams will get to the live final round, which will be held during the conference (hosted  online due to covid19).

The teams approved to participate must attend a training on Open Source Intelligence Techniques (OSINT), social engineering and the legality of these activities.
The methodology consists of obtaining specific information or "flags" of previously assigned objectives, using OSINT techniques with certain guidelines. Thus, it will be possible to demonstrate in a playful and practical way how much information can be freely obtained, as well as different techniques for exploiting vulnerabilities and ways to defend against them.

Important: All teams need to agree and sign the  Terms & Conditions of the competence, which will ensure they abide by all the rules.


Competence Phases

  • First phase: OSINT/Intel. 2 weeks.

  • Secong phase: Selection of targets + Development of the pretext. 1 week.

  • Third phase: Calls. 1 week.

  • Fourth phase: Attack execution. 2 days (September 24-26, during Ekoparty 2020).



  • Carlos Garay

  • Emiliano Piscitelli

  • Ariel Kennedy

  • Hector Pardiñas

  • Jorge Martin Vila

Legal Advisors

  • Marcelo Temperini

  • Dr. Denise Gross

What are you waiting to sign up?

Here are some pictures of last year's SE CTF!