Suggest a slogan for Ekoparty 2020 and win a free ticket!

We're opening our traditional slogan contest. If your slogan is voted by the community, you get a free ticket and a T-shirt!

We're getting ready for #eko2020, the 16° edition of Ekoparty. As usual, we're opening the slogan contest that has given us wonderful creations such as “Hold the Backdoor” or "Somebody is Watching".

How does slogan selection work?

We're receiving proposals in this form. Call for slogans ends on Friday, June 5 and on Monday, June 8 we open the  online voting. There will be 3 rounds of elimination, in order to delete the least voted slogans until we have a winner. Voting ends on June 18.

If your slogan wins, you get a free ticket for Ekoparty 2020 and a T-shirt! 🏆

What's the role of the slogan?

It is a phrase that works as a motto of the corresponding edition of Ekoparty. It has often served as inspiration for the setup and theme of the conference, as was the case of "Back to Roots" in 2015, which inspired the Back to the Future style edition.

Some questions you might ask yourself before suggesting a slogan

  • Will it look good on the homepage at
  • Would I wear a T-shirt with that slogan?
  • Is it safe for every audience?
  • Is it offensive to any minority?
  • Does it represent Ekoparty's culture?

Send your slogan through this form. You have time until Friday, June 5!

Once we collect all suggestions, we'll start the online voting. May the best slogan win!

As a bonus track, here's a recap of ekoparty themes throughout the years ♥