Code of Conduct

ekoparty security conference, as a member of the ekoparty community, presumes good faith on the part of all those who want to participate in it.

Ekoparty Diversity Statement

Ekoparty admits and encourages everyone’s participation.

t does not matter how you identify yourself or how others perceive you: we welcome you. Additionally, we accept ideas and content proposals from anyone, as long as they interact constructively and respectfully with our community.

Although much of our work is for projects of a technical nature, we value and encourage contributions from those with experience in other areas, and welcome them to our community.

Be Nice to Each Other

Ekoparty is committed to providing a safe environment for all of its participants. And so it is also expected that all participants treat all people and facilities with respect and help create an environment that invites everyone to be a part of it. If someone reports, observes, notices or witnesses a behavior that does not comply with this standard and with what is prescribed in this Code of Conduct, please, we ask for your help and we request that you communicate and share your concerns, queries and observations, so that we can improve every day and better resolve conflicts that arise due to violations of this Code.

Be respectful

Respect others and respect yourself. Be polite and kind to those around you; that helps to consolidate a harmonious environment.

If someone indicates, expresses or suggests that they do not want their photo taken or to be filmed, named or quoted, among other possible actions, you must respect that request.

If someone asks you not to continue talking to them or to stay away, among other possible actions, you should do what they ask and give them the space they have asked for.

Both the physical spaces where the conference takes place, its events and complementary activities, as well as its virtual or online spaces, can be shared with members of the general public; therefore we ask you for consideration and that you comply with these rules of coexistence, with all users and attendees in these spaces, even when they are not involved, attend or have any relationship with the conference.

Be Inclusive

As a general rule and of strict and obligatory compliance not dispensable by any of the parties, all material that is presented in a main, accessory or complementary way for the development of the conference, whether as a collaboration, exhibition or presentation as a speaker, participation, preparation and dictation of workshops, booth assembly, and all other possible participation in the conference, must be suitable for individuals 12 years old and older. The conference and its organizers may remove any content, expression, presentation or representation not appropriate for said age limit and whoever is responsible will not be complying with this Code of Conduct.

If you could assume that certain people would be offended by the content of what you present, express, speak, share, etc., in the talk(s) you send to the conference, please make the respective clarification at the bottom of the page of this consideration and in the respective observations or notes that you may add to the presentation, so that this circumstance is taken into account by the reviewers and organizers of the conference. This will be reviewed, supervised and taken into account by the content review team. 

In case you have doubts about whether a content may or may not be appropriate, or whether  this rule may or may not apply in your particular case, please contact our team at, where they will answer your questions or require more information in order to do so. Please, keep in mind that if you do not state it or do not proceed to make a consultation about it, you will be responsible for the adequacy of your content to this rule of conduct, and if it is inappropriate, you will be consequently responsible for it.

Be Conscious

We ask you all for your attention and collaboration in strict compliance with this rule, by which we express that in this conference, we do not allow verbal and / or physical conduct or expressions which could be considered intimidating, vexatious, discriminatory, violent, abusive, denigratory, derogatory, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, hate promoting / self-injurious, anti-semitic, hostile, or in any other way tending to affect the dignified treatment that every individual who participates in it deserves, in none of its physical or virtual spaces. The conference is therefore enabled to proceed to the immediate exclusion of the person who preferred any of these kinds of treatments at the sole discretion of the organizers.

Any complaint, query or request related to the aforementioned may be made by contacting or physically, by approaching the spaces assigned in the conference, or by phone calling (+54)(11) 6841 1010 . All complaints, claims or consultations made to the conference organizers will be treated in a reserved and confidential way, safeguarding the intimacy and privacy of the party affected by the harmful conduct, and will be taken into account to take concordant measures aimed at resolution of the incident, with the respect that it deserves.

The measures that the organizers of the conference can take for any situation that arises in which an abusive conduct such as those listed above may be shown, may include the following, without limitation, alternatively or jointly, among others and at their sole criteria, depending on the case:

  • Request for apology or retraction to the affected person.

  • Request to desist in the indicated abusive treatment.

  • Disciplinary warning that consists of warning that if the indicated abusive conduct persists, the aggressor will be the temporary or permanently excluded from the conference, depending on the severity level that the organization considers.

  • Temporary and automatic exclusion from participation in the activities scheduled in the conference for the person to whom the incident or abusive conduct is attributed.

  • Temporary and automatic exclusion of the physical and virtual spaces of the conference, for the time determined unilaterally by the organization of the conference.

  • Permanent and automatic exclusion of the physical and virtual spaces of the conference.

  • Report of the incident to the police and / or administrative, judicial authorities, according to the respective incident. 

What Does This Mean to Me?

Conference participants should not be involved in any verbal and / or physical, intimidating, vexatious, discriminatory, violent, abusive, denigratory, derogatory, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, hate-promoting, self-injurious, anti-semitic, hostile behavior, or of any other type tending to affect the dignified treatment that every individual who participates in it deserves, in none of its physical or virtual spaces.

The following is a merely exemplary and non-exhaustive list of the behaviors or expressions that can be considered as seriously inappropriate or abusive according to our standard of coexistence and that will not be tolerated under any circumstances in our conference:

    • Physical and / or verbal behaviors or expressions and images of all kinds and means of expression, digital or written, verbal or paratextual, sexually offensive or violent, in public spaces or content of presentations;

    • Deliberate intimidation;

    • Stalking, chasing, prowling, or unwanted following;

    • Unwanted photography or recording;

    • Sustained interruption of conversations or other events;

    • Unwanted physical contact or other forms of harassment;

    • Unwanted sexual attention;

    • Intimidating, vexatious, discriminatory, violent, abusive, denigratory, derogatory, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, racist hate promotion, self-injurious, anti-semitic behavior, or other forms of exclusion;

    • Unjustified exclusion from the conference or related events based on age, biological gender, sexual orientation, sexual identity, gender expression, different abilities, physical / body / visual / clothing / etc. appearance, ethnicity, philosophical / moral / religious / political orientation / supporter / union / etc.


    If you have any questions about the conference or any related topic, activity, or situation, please contact the organizers at

    If you wish to report an incident or breach of this Code of Conduct, please do so via email to, or during the conference, at the marked physical stations where we will receive your personal complaint.

    Our Commitment

    We promise to read, attend to and take note of any observation, complaint or claim you make, and we will have conference staff who will support you and resolve your concerns, complaints or claims.

    According to the case and depending on the situation and its circumstances, in order to mediate the situation, we will speak or communicate by any of the means available at the election of the conference, with the person reporting the incident contrary to the Code of Conduct, and /or the person to which is the violation of the Code is attributed, alternately or jointly, to determine what measures or actions will be the most appropriate to resolve the incident.

    Depending on the result of the investigation that we carry out and the mediation described above, we reserve the right to expel people who do not comply with our Code of Conduct from the physical and / or virtual venue.

    Neither the conference nor its organizers will be responsible for the additional costs incurred or caused, as a direct or indirect, immediate, mediate or remote consequence, for the exclusion of the conference and / or physical and / or virtual activities of the violators of the Code of Conduct, as well as for the additional costs incurred or caused, as a direct or indirect, immediate, mediate or remote consequence, for any of the measures taken to sanction the violation (s) of the Code of Conduct carried out by the offender.