Ekoparty 2020 - Getting Started

Here's where and how to access al contents of Ekoparty 2020 online.

Ekoparty 2020 will be held online via Pinetool. You should have received an email inviting you to the platform, please check your inbox including Spam/Unwanted. Below you will find instructions on how to use the tool, how to get to each activity and enjoy the conference without missing any details of the experience.

NOTE: Pinetool supports public or private profiles, different levels of visibility and interaction. The idea is that you complete your profile to facilitate bonding, but if you prefer to stay incognito, no problem ;)

If you need assistance contact us at support@ekoparty.org - but first make sure you read this manual and the frequently asked questions (FAQ). Do not raise a ticket in vain! 😂 

1. Pinetool, Discord, Twitch, Zoom… ¿Dónde se hace cada cosa?

2. Cómo registrarte en Pinetool 

3. Completando tu perfil

4. Recorriendo las pestañas del menú principal

                1. Pinetool, Discord, Twitch, Zoom… Where's everything?

                Pinetool will be the main platform of Ekoparty 2020, where the Main Track talks will be broadcast, you'll see the entire conference schedule, connect with attendees, speakers and companies, participate in EkoDating to have job interviews, and network.

                Discord is our main chat and communication channel. In here we'll talk during the conference and make spontaneous announcements. There are dedicated channels for each hacktivity and each CTF, so pay attention to the directions given by hacktivity leaders on Discord.

                Twitch will be the public channel of Ekoparty called EKO TV. It will be a continuous and open broadcast of all three days, designed to show the “behind the scenes" of eko2020, with presenters and interviewers who will take a tour and show sneak peeks of everything that's happening in the conference. It is intended for people who could not buy their ticket and want to know what Ekoparty is about at a high level, although of course you can watch it;)

                Zoom will only be necessary if you sign up for any of the EkoKidsworkshops and for some specific workshops. We'll let you know very soon, we're still setting things up!

                2. How to register in Pinetool

                On September 18, you will receive an invitation email to Pinetool like the one you see below. It will be sent to the same email with which you signed up at Eventbrite for your ticket, so check your inbox - including Spam/Unwanted!

                Upon clicking on “Get Access” you will be able to create your Pinetool profile, associated with this same email address, and you will be able to create a password. Every time you want to access the platform, you must log in to https://app.pinetool.ai/ 

                OBVIOUSLY: Make sure you choose a secure password, and please, do not lose it or forget it :) It's the same that you will use during the three days of the event.

                3. Setting up your profile 

                We want to get to know you! Choose a profile photo so that other people can meet you and interact within all our activities.

                PRIVACY ALERT! Incognito Mode Available

                By default, when you register with Pinetool, your profile has incognito mode disabled. This means that other attendees can see the information that your profile contains, with the ultimate goal of netwoking. If you want to make it private, you should enable incognito in the Event Settings tab.

                NOTE: The only activity that requires a public profile is EkoDating, since the recruiter needs to get to know you. If you want to participate, you will have to disable the incognito mode momentarily.

                Throughout the conference you can switch your profile from public to private (and vice versa) at any time.

                4. Navigating the tabs on the left menu 


                Perhaps the closest thing to the ekoparty patio that you will find this year <3 Here you will have at your fingertips all the people who are part of the Ekoparty 2020: speakers, trainers, participants, organizers, communities and companies. It's your chance to catch up!

                Live Stream

                This is the main stage, where all the talks will be broadcast during the 3 days of the event. Don't miss out on anything that happens live at Ekoparty 2020!

                Virtual Expo

                In this section you will be able to access the virtual booth of each sponsor to interact with them, learn about their initiatives, job postings, and participate in their activities, such as CTFs and raffles.


                Here you will find more institutional information about the sponsors. Unlike Virtual Booth, there are no activities here, just info.


                Here you will find the whole schedule for Ekoparty 2020 content sessions with direct access to them. WORK IN PROGRESS!!! We're still uploading everything. You can filter the sessions to find them faster. Take advantage of this section to build your itinerary!


                Here you'll see a list of all speakers of this edition. To learn more about them, access their profiles, they have a lot to tell you!


                This section is a company directory, containing not only Ekoparty sponsors, but also companies that are associated with the profiles of the people who completed their employment information. Here you can contact their representatives and, if your profile is associated with a company, you will appear in this directory so that others can communicate with you. 

                Only people with a puclic profile (incognito disabled) will be listed here.

                Attendee Cards

                Here you can create your presentation card or badge, which will allow other people to have a quick look at your profile. As if you were handing business cards in person!

                My Meetings

                In this section you can schedule meetings with other participants, or see the meetings that have been scheduled for you. It is possible to synchronize them with your calendar. The goal of this feature is networking.


                Are you looking for job opportunities? In this section you will find open vacancies to send your resumé and apply, without having to go through EkoDating. Be patient! We are going to upload more job postings soon.

                Event Settings

                In this section you can optimize your profile by adding more information about your skills, projects or products. 

                Let's go through each of the settings:
                • Incognito Mode: Here you can enable incognito mode so that your profile is private and no one can see your data. If you are going to participate in EkoDating, you must disable incognito momentarily so that your profile is visible for the interviewer.

                • Notifications: Here you can choose the platform's notification settings.

                • My Profile: Direct access to your profile.

                • Personal Tags: Here you can add tags to describe who you are, what you are looking for and what you can offer. Remember to use #EkoDating if you're looking for a job.

                • Title: Here you can enter your job title or area of expertise.

                • My Company: ere you can add the company you work at.

                • Event Card: This resembles a business card, so that other people can see your profile at a glance.


                It's time to find your next job: at EkoDating you can have live interviews with our sponsoring companies. To access this exclusive opportunity:

                1. Add the tag #EkoDating to your profile or Attendee Card 

                2. Disable incognito mode so the recruiters can see you (you can switch back to incognito after this).

                3. Click on the EkoDating tab on the left side menu in any of these time frames:

                • Thursday, September 24, 03:00 PM ART to 06:00 PM ART

                • Friday, September 25, 10:00 AM ART to 01:00 PM ART

                • Saturday, September 26, 01:00 PM ART to 04:00 PM ART

                When you enter this section and EkoDating is on, you will find the available rooms. Choose your role as an applicant (on the right side) and prepare for your interview!

                Once you enter as an applicant, you will be prompted to enable your camera and microphone for the videocall. Remember that EkoDating takes place live, make sure you look sharp! ;)

                In the right sector you will see the number of available interviewers and the number of interviews carried out and pending.

                Interviews ara arranged randomly: The system connects you with your interviewer for a talk of approximately 5 minutes. If there is interest from both parties, the conversation can be continued later through the platform.

                After the interview, you can attend another one or leave the activity. The videocall can be interrupted at any time; If you feel that it's not for you, you can click on “LEAVE” and you will return to the previous step.

                NOTE: You can only go through each interviewer once. Your EkoDating will end automatically when you have gone through all the available interviews.

                Good luck in your search! We hope you find your ideal position in this experience.

                About Eko2020 / FAQ

                En esta sección encontrarás información general de la Ekoparty 2020 y podrás acceder a las preguntas frecuentes (FAQ).

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