Salesforce Specialist | Onapsis


Required skills and aptitudes:

  • 1+ year of experience in Salesforce administration or consultancy.

  • Knowledge in Salesforce platform and architecture. 

  • Experience on managing Salesforce Systems, SoD and GRC (governance, risk and compliance)

  • Basic knowledge of TCP/IP communication protocols, Operating System fundamentals and Networking.

  • Intermediate English skills (written).

  • Strong desire to learn.

  • Good communication skills.

Desired skills and aptitudes:

  • Experience in Compliance processes related to Salesforce infrastructure.
    Proactivity and Creativity.

Key activities and responsibilities:

Provide Salesforce expertise to the Research & Development (R&D) team in order toreinforce and accelerate processes where deeper Salesforce knowledge is needed.
Most of the tasks will require testing or research in order to give trusted information and proper planning to other team members.

This position should be a frequent advisor for several security researchers, architects or developers. 

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Modality: Full time